“EmerFund” is a global organization regrouping the main stake holders of the Emercoin cryptocurrency and investors wishing to invest in Blockchain-based products and companies. The goal of the fund is to invest its capital in commercial projects, which use the Emercoin blockchain technology, or promoting this technology in the market.

Contest “1000 EmerCoin Ideas”

The investment fund “EmerFund” is opening the contest for ideas of projects aimed at the popularization and development of the cryptocurrency known as Emercoin. All participants who submit a good idea will receive prizes (the number of prizes is unlimited), and in the event a project is approved for realization, the participant shall receive an extra bonus. The prize pool has been announced, hence if we receive few ideas, the size of the prizes shall increase. A prize for an accepted project will be approximately USD 150 (or 500 EMC, based on the FX rate from March 27th). The prize for an idea we have judged interesting, but which will not be realized – approximately USD 15 (or 50 EMC, based on the FX rate from March 27th). An idea deemed as sensible, but not good or marked for realization by the jury will receive a prize of approximately of 3 USD (10 EMC, based on the FX rate from March 27th)
The contest closes on April 30th 2016 or when the number of received ideas reaches 1000.